Good Self Help Books for Natural Health and Self Improvement

My name is Bill Austin and I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist and author. I believe that healing should be natural, easy, simple, fast and fun. One of the things I do in my holistic healing practice is to encode natural healing, self help, self improvement and spiritual growth frequencies into art. Due to the power of color therapy, people can clear, heal and grow a lot just by looking at a series of healing images. In 2017, I created a line of the best self help books I could for natural health and self improvement. 

I created this series of good self improvement and self help books and to be the best possible resource to support people who are interested in natural health, self improvement and spiritual growth. I created hundreds of color therapy and healing art images for these books. Since each healing art image contains the energy of multiple holistic healing sessions, all YOU have to do is look at the best self help images to receive the self improvement and natural healing support that you are ready for in that moment.

Over the last eighteen years I have been consciously walking a spiritual path, I have encountered lots of people who are very intent and focused on natural  healing, self help and self improvement. I feel that often their lives are out of balance since they focus so much time and energy on spiritual growth. Many of them feel so heavy to me that I find it hard to be around them. It is my intent, vision and hope that this line of good self help books and self improvement books will help people to heal, grow, evolve and expand in a fun, joyful and playful manner with lots of ease and grace.

Printing technology has reached the point that it is fairly easy to self publish so I am reformatting my work for this medium. These self help books for natural health and self improvement target areas that come up over and over again whenever I work with clients for the first time.

Each of the images in these self help books is a healing session. Many of the images are based on energy healing sessions I created for my major modalities that I am placing into these books. I often combine multiple sessions into one image to boost their power and effectiveness. I also am providing internet access to some of my most powerful healing video and recordings to people who order these books.

Many of these images contain healing energies and frequencies from some of the healing modalities and tools I have created over the last five years. To date I have released six self help books for natural health and self improvement:

    Bill Austin's Self Help, Clearing and Healing Program

    Empowerment Healing Module for Fear, Stress, Downer Emotions,
Scarcity, Self Sabotage and Addictions

    Transform and Heal YOUR Relationship with Money

    Energetic Introduction to the Practical Mastery Healing Modality

    Energetic Introduction to the Angelic Mastery Healing Modality

    Energetic Introduction to Heart Oriented Ascension